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Category:Full-Blast seriesSunday, November 8, 2008 No. Thank You. Three's a charm! I had a terrible weekend. We were without power for over four hours, leaving me with no entertainment. I'm not normally a TV person, but I did watch some part of The Apprentice yesterday because it was all I had. I found it to be horribly tacky and offensive. I especially don't understand the reason they'd want a contestant to appear on the first season in which she's already in an eight-figure contract. She was rude to the other competitors, and I am fairly sure she used inappropriate language when talking to her boss. I'm also not sure why she couldn't act like the other contestants, instead of taking it all so seriously. I watched a few minutes of the second season and she wasn't there anymore. Maybe she just lost her first fight, and I'd like to think that, but I have a hard time with her being in such a privileged situation. I have a hard time with people who manipulate others in order to get ahead. I don't trust people who take advantage of others. I like to think of myself as an extremely loyal person, but I'm not sure why loyalty to someone who treats me unfairly or makes me feel stupid should be rewarded with such a privilege. It doesn't make any sense. As soon as we get a chance to get our own power back, I'm going to start watching my OWN programs instead of the ones on The Apprentice.set(SRC_FILES apr_any.c apr_any.h apr_bucket.c apr_bucket.h apr_buckets.c apr_buckets.h apr_cmdline.c apr_cmdline.h apr_dbd.c apr_dbd.h apr_dbd_native.c apr_dbd_ameth.c apr_dbd_ameth.h apr_dbd_mysql.c apr_dbd_mysql.h apr_dbd_oci.c apr_dbd_oci.h apr_dbd_oracle.c apr_dbd_oracle.h apr_dbd_postgres.c




Full Blast 2 Test Booklet
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